Paella pan, 32 cm, aluminum, height 7 cm - AMT Gastroguss

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Product description

Paella pan, diameter 32 cm, height 7 cm, made of hand-cast aluminium, with non-stick PFOA-free Lotan® layer, product made in Germany, AMT Gastroguss brand

This paella pan has up to 9 mm thick base and sturdy brass side handles.

Structure of AMT Gastroguss cookware

1. Lotan non-stick layer

2. Ceramic particle layer

3. Anti-corrosion layer

4. Hard layer of titanium oxide

5. Sandblasted aluminium

AMT Gastroguss - World's best pan - according to VKD (the largest chefs association in Germany)

All the AMT Gastroguss products are made from hand-cast aluminium by skilled craftsmen. Among the advantages of hand-cast aluminium are: longer curing time, which prevents stress of the material, a homogeneous casting and the occurrence of a smaller number of air bubbles in the material than in the case of mechanized casting.

AMT Gastroguss cookware have very thick base, of up to 9 mm thick. The base stores more energy and does not overheat easily. The AMT Gastroguss cookware are also famous for the fact that the base does not deform over time, even if they are subjected to extreme temperature variations.

The aluminium that underlies Gastroguss products is first sandblasted, for the 12-fold increase of the adhesion surface of the layers to be applied on it. The first layer applied on the cookware is made of titanium oxide, burned at 20,000°C, being almost as hard as diamond. The following layers applied are: the anticorrosive layer, the median layer with ceramic particles and the non-stick surface layer called Lotan®.

This non-stick layer can be found only in the AMT Gastroguss cookware and, besides non-stick properties, which help to easily clean the cookware, it also has antibacterial effect.

The non-stick Lotan® layer offers all the advantages of a classic non-stick coating, but it does all this without containing PFOA.

The handles of the Gastroguss cookware withstand temperatures up to 240°C. Thus, you can gratinate the foods immediately after you have fried them on the hob, without changing the dish. The ergonomic handles of the cookware were developed with the help of the National Culinary Team of Germany.

This paella pan can be cleaned in the dishwasher and can be used on all hobs, except for induction hobs. 

Code 732
Brand AMT Gastroguss
Category Specialty frying pans
Range AMT brand frying pans
Diameter (cm) 32
Material Aluminum
Non-stick layer yes
Induction no
Lid no
Type Specialties


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