Pancake pan, aluminum, 16cm, "Minika" - Korkmaz

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Product description

Pancake pan, Korkmaz brand, 16 cm in diameter, made of forged aluminum, with non-stick PTFE coating similar to granite, scratch-resistant.

The inner non-stick coating uses the German "Volkanit Coating" technology, which ensures excellent non-stick properties and very high resistance to scratches. This coating is produced by Weilburger and consists of 5 layers, which can withstand up to 70,000 washes.

The non-stick coating does not contain PFOA, cadmium or lead and will help you cook healthy and tasty meals using less oil than in other types of cookware, providing high cooking performance even at low temperatures, thanks to its high thermal conductivity.

The pancake pan can be used on all types of hobs, except for induction ones.

Cookware in the Minika range are made of recycled materials, using ecological technology, with a non-stick, scratch-resistant PTFE coating on the inside and an outer silicone layer resistant to high temperatures.

With more than 50-year experience, the Korkmaz brand is currently acknowledged as one of industry's top brands, globally, in terms of the quality of the products manufactured and exported to over 90 countries. 

Code A1258
Brand Korkmaz
Category Pancake and crêpe pans
Range Minika
Induction yes
Non-stick layer yes
Diameter (cm) 16
Material Aluminum
Lid no
Type Pancakes


Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews