Ramekin bowl, ceramic, 8.5 cm, Clay - Emile Henry

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Product description

With the Ramekin bowl from Emile Henry, get ready to cook layered dishes and to enjoy the gradually released flavors!

The Emile Henry bowl is a basic element in the kitchen when you want to prepare and serve goodies in individual portions!

Being deeper and narrower than a classic Ramekin, with diameter of 8.5 cm and height of 7.1 cm, this Ramekin bowl is specially designed for desserts that need a generous space to puff up, such as Rum Baba, panna cotta, lava cake, charlotte or frozen desserts.

Being made of HR® ceramics (High Resistance) developed in the Emile Henry laboratories, the ramekin bowls have special features: they withstand temperatures of up to 270°C, they distribute heat evenly across their entire surface, are resistant to scratches and chipping (allow for direct cutting onto the dish) and are dishwasher-safe.

Characteristics and dimensions:

Oven-safe and microwave-safe
Freezer safe and oven safe (from -20°C to +270°C)
Dishwasher safe
Warranty: 10 years;

Length: 8.5 cm;
Height: 7.1 cm;
Inner diameter: 7.2 cm;
Inner height: 6.5 cm;
Capacity: 0.17 l.

Code 100802
Brand Emile Henry
Category Mini-bowls and cookware for serving
Range Ovenware
Material Ceramic
Diameter (cm) 8.5
Capacity 0.17 L
Colour Clay
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