Round baking dish, 30 cm / 2.72 l, red - LAVA

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Product description

Round baking dish, diameter 30 cm, capacity 2.72 l, made of cast iron, Lava brand

This baking dish is designed both for roasting steaks and for baking tarts and pies.

Cast iron is a material that heats up slowly but, once heated, it retains heat very well for a long time. Thus, the cookware are suitable for most cooking techniques, be it frying, slow cooking or oven cooking.

The wall thickness is 3 mm and, on the inside, the product is coated with one layer of black enamel that facilitates the formation of a non-stick surface when cooking with grease.

The base thickness is 5 mm, which makes possible for Lava cookware to be usable on all types of hobs, including induction hobs. Do not use in the microwave.

Outer dimensions:
Width: 30.6 cm;
Length: 37.0 cm;
Height: 5.1 cm.

Inner dimensions:
Diameter: 30 cm.
Height: 4.6 cm.

Other features:
Capacity: 2.72 l.
Portions: 4-6.
Weight: 3.22 kg.
Base thickness: 5 mm.
Edge thickness: 3 mm.
Coating: 3 coats of enamel coating, 2 baking stages.

Brand Lava
Category Trays and moulds for pies and tarts
Range Lava brand trays
Diameter (cm) 30
Capacity 2.7 L
Material Cast iron
Colour Red


Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews