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Product description

Round food storage container, with lid, produced by Glasslock, capacity of 370 ml, diameter of 11.5 cm, made from special glass which is resistant to temperatures between -20 and +120°C.

The Glasslock products are made from tempered glass, which is 3 times more resistant than ordinary glass. The Glasslock products do not contain BFA (Bisphenol A, an organic substance very harmful for the human body that is part of some plastics) and are 100% health safe.

The lid made from plastic provided with a gasket made from silicone, allows for obtaining an airtight closure, preventing the spillage of liquids and keeping the nutritional values and the freshness of the food for a longer time.

This product can be used in the refrigerator and in the microwave (without lid). Do not use the product in the oven.

The product can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Code MCCB040
Brand Glasslock
Category Food storage containers
Range Classic - Microwave
Diameter (cm) 11.5
Capacity 0.37 L
Material Glass
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