Salt grinder, 22 cm, "Paris u'Select", Passion Red - Peugeot

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Product description

u'Select range salt grinder, Peugeot brand, height 22 cm.

u'Select – A Peugeot innovation
Beyond personal preferences, many cooking techniques or recipes require seasoning with freshly ground salt and pepper of a certain grain size. For example, a fine grain is recommended for light sauces or raw vegetable mixes, and a coarser grain for roasts or grilled dishes. Peugeot now offers the possibility to select quickly, accurately and easily between 6 predefined levels of grain size, thanks to the patented u'Select system. By simply turning the ring at the base of the grinder, you can instantly and safely achieve the desired grain size.

For salt and pepper grinders equipped with the u'Select system, the same famous Peugeot mechanisms are present, guaranteed for life. The salt grinder mechanism is designed to crush salt crystals. It is made of stainless steel to resist the corrosion process caused by prolonged exposure to salt.

What kind of salt is recommended?

For best results, we recommend dry salt, whose crystals do not exceed 4 mm in diameter, such as mined salt or rock salt. Do not use salt grinders to grind pepper or sea salt, as its moisture can corrode the mechanism.

Height: 22 cm.

The salt grinder may contain salt for demonstration purposes and should be emptied before use.

Code 41243
Brand Peugeot
Category Salt shakers, pepper shakers, spice grinders
Range Paris u'select
Dimensions (cm) 22
Material Wood
Colour Passion Red
Type Salt
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews