Pepper grinder, 22 cm, "Paris u'Select", Passion Red – Peugeot

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Product description

u'Select pepper grinder, 22 cm high, Peugeot brand

U'Select - A Peugeot innovation
Beyond personal preferences, many cooking techniques or recipes require seasoning with freshly ground pepper and salt of a certain granulation. For example, light sauces or mixes of raw vegetables require fine granulation, while a coarser granulation is recommended for steaks or grilled dishes. Peugeot now gives the possibility to select quickly, accurately and easily between 6 predefined levels of granulation, thanks to the patented U'Select system. By simply turning the ring at the base of the grinder, you get the desired granulation instantly and risk-free.

These salt and pepper grinders equipped with the U'Select system have the same renowned Peugeot mechanisms, which are guaranteed for a lifetime. Thus, pepper grinders use a hard stainless steel grinding mechanism, provided with two spiral-shaped rows of teeth, to effectively guide the peppercorns. The first row, which is larger, is designed to crush the peppercorns and the second one ensures a perfect grind.

What type of peppercorns is recommended?

Black, white or green peppercorns, dried, hard, with a maximum diameter of about 5 mm are recommended. Pink peppercorns can only be used in a mix (maximum 15% of pink pepper) with any of the aforementioned types of peppercorns. Also, dried coriander seeds can be used in the Peugeot peppercorn grinders.

Height: 22 cm.

The grinder may contain peppercorns for demonstration purposes and must be emptied before use.

Code 41236
Brand Peugeot
Category Salt shakers, pepper shakers, spice grinders
Range Paris u'select
Dimensions (cm) 22
Material Wood
Colour Passion Red
Type Pepper
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