"U'Select" pepper grinder, 22 cm, "Black Lacquer" - Peugeot

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Product description

A spice grinder is recommended to be used for several reasons. Freshly ground pepper and salt will enhance flavors, making your dish tastier. In case of quality grinders, you can even adjust the granulation as required by recipe.

The Peugeot grinders for salt and pepper from the Paris collection presented to the public in 1987, are today the best-selling products in the manufacturer's portfolio. Their classic design, combined with beech wood, the material the grinders are made of, make the Paris grinders a perfect choice for any kitchen. At the bottom, we can find the Peugeot logo and, at the top, a knob to select granulation, which rotates clockwise for finer grinding and counterclockwise for coarser grinding.

Lifetime guaranteed mechanisms
The Peugeot mechanisms are specially developed according to each one's purpose. Thus, pepper grinders use a grinding mechanism made of hard stainless steel, with two rows of spiral teeth to effectively guide the peppercorns. The first row, larger, is designed to crush the peppercorns and the second one to ensure a perfect grind.

The mechanism of salt grinders is designed to crush salt crystals, being made from stainless steel so it can withstand the corrosion process caused by prolonged exposure to salt.

What type of peppercorns is recommended?

Black, white or green peppercorns, dried, hard, with a maximum diameter of about 5 mm are recommended. Pink peppercorns can only be used in a mixture (maximum 15% of pink pepper) with any of the aforementioned types of peppercorns. Also, dried coriander seeds can be used in the Peugeot peppercorn grinders.

Height: 22 cm.

Code 23720
Brand Peugeot
Category Salt shakers, pepper shakers, spice grinders
Range Paris u'select
Dimensions (cm) 22
Material Wood
Type Pepper
Colour Black Lacquered
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews