Set for Tarte Tatin, 32.5 cm/2.65 l, "Delight", Slate - Emile Henry

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Product description

"Delight" Tatin Tart set will help you prepare the delicious Tatin tarts - from the classic recipes with apples to the innovative ones with exotic fruit or vegetables. Simply prepare the caramel on the hob, directly in the dish, add the apples cut into slices, place the dough on top and put them in the oven to bake. After baking, place the serving platter over the baking dish and flip the set upside-down to serve the Tatin tart. You can cut and serve the preparation immediately, as the outer edge of the dish keeps the caramel intact.

"Simply delightful" is the slogan of the "Delight" collection of the French brand Emile Henry. This collection presents to lovers of traditional cooking a series of cookwares made from high quality ceramics by using special and modern technologies, which perfectly fit any cooking style and can be used to prepare various recipes.

With the cookware of this collection, you can meet all the expectations that even the most demanding chefs have from these ceramic cookware, but you can even exceed the limits applicable to regular cookwares, made of the same material.

This new type of enhanced ceramics obtained through the "state-of-the-art" technology can offer advantages which have been achievable so far in the art of cooking by using completely different materials, such as cast iron.

Although it brings along a multitude of advantages, this ceramic is much lighter so that the cookware can be handled swifter by cooks with or without experience.

The reactivity and heat retention are two other additional advantages brought by these innovative cookware and allow many cooking styles, from browning to sautés dishes. Once they are put on flame, the cookware get hot in the blink of an eye, and the heat is distributed evenly. The temperature decreases rapidly once the heat source has been turned off, but the cookware keep the foods warm inside during their serving.

The incredible heat-resistance (these items withstand temperatures from -20°C up to 350°C) allows that their transition from high to low temperatures be safe, without damaging the dish.

The matte black enamel which coats the ceramic not only gives it an elegant appearance, but is also extremely useful, successfully resisting to potential scratches that could occur after using metal utensils on the surface of cookware, which are coated with sensitive material such as ceramics.

The innovative "Delight" ceramic products can be used distribute heat evenly across the entire surface of cookwares, facilitating the preparation of caramel on all the heat sources - including on induction hobs.

"Traditional, yet modern" and "classic, yet elegant" are the perfect pairs of antonyms to describe the design and usefulness of the Delight cookware

Outer dimensions: 32.5 x 29.5 x 8 cm.

Inner diameter: 27 cm.

*Handmade product, made of natural materials.

Warranty: 5 years.

Code 669977
Brand Emile Henry
Category Specialty Cookware
Range Delight
Diameter (cm) 32.5
Capacity 2.6 L
Material Ceramic
Induction Yes
Lid Yes
Handle material Ceramic
Colour Slate
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