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Product description

Set of 3 vacuum packing plastic bags FRESH & SAVE, size L, Zwilling brand, dimension 49 x 30 cm, capacity 8 l.

The food storing bags are reusable, have a practical zipper and are the right solution for freezing food, sous-vide cooking or marinating. With capacity of 8 l, they can also be used for vegetables, meat or fish - it is so easy to turn the refrigerator and freezer into a source of fresh food at home.

How to use

Put the foods into the bag and then seal the bag. Place the vacuum pump on the valve, remove the air from the bag within seconds and the pump will stop automatically when the process is completed. Then, a quick press on the red button in the middle of the silicone valve is enough to securely close it: the flavors and vitamins are properly preserved and the food remains fresh up to 5 times longer!

For soft foods, it is necessary to insert beforehand the vacuum packaging bag in the refrigerator and, after a short period of cooling, it can be vacuum sealed. In fact, before vacuum sealing of liquids such as sauces, it is useful to first cool the bag and the contents in the freezer for about 30 minutes. As you consume the foods, the bag can be vacuum sealed again.

From now on, the marinating process will be even simpler! Meat or fish can be marinated in vacuum in a very short time. In the marinating process, use the plastic sieve included to avoid suction of liquids. Attach the sieve under the valve on the inside of the bag when you want to marinate the foods.

For your food not to be forgotten in the fridge or freezer, you can easily register them in the ZWILLING Culinary World application: scan the printed QR code before filling the bag and then see the notifications in due time as soon as the time for thawing and consuming the food comes.

The free application determines the validity of food and vacuum containers and informs you in a timely manner through the reminder function as soon as food should be consumed. Recipes, explanatory videos and a shopping list complete the application's service.

Practical method: Due to the individual ID on each vacuum sealing plastic bag, identical products will now be easy to identify.

Features and advantages:

- Vacuum sealing function: the food stays fresh up to 5 times longer compared to regular non-vacuum bags: flavors and nutrients are safely preserved and food waste is reduced.

- Perfect product for sous-vide cooking technique, marinating and storing food in the refrigerator and freezer (vacuum reduces the burning of the freezer).

- Easy handling of the plastic bag for vacuum sealing due to the innovative valve and practical zipper for easy opening and closing.

Easy connection of the plastic vacuum bags to the ZWILLING Culinary World application via the QR code printed on bags for tracking food and validity - before filling.

- Individual identification of the vacuum sealing plastic bags due to their unique QR code;

- Reheat in the microwave;

- Resistance to temperature between -18° and +100°C;

- Includes accessory for easy closing of the zipper;

- Includes sieve that helps avoid suction of liquids into the pump.

- Easy opening - no need for scissors;

- Reusable plastic bags;

- Material: plastic bag - PA and PE, transparent, The valve - Red and PE silicone, Zipper closing system - PP, gray;

- Dimension (width x length): 49 x 30 cm;

- Capacity: 8 l.


Code 36800305
Brand Zwilling
Category Vacuum sealers
Range ZWILLING Fresh & Save
Capacity 8 L
Dimensions (cm) 49
Material Plastic
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