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Product description

Keep the food fresh with a mere push of a button using the FRESH & SAVE La Mer vacuum pump - Zwilling brand

The contents of the vacuum food containers and vacuum-sealed bags stays fresh up to 5 times longer. Wine bottles can also be sealed using the FRESH & SAVE vacuum wine stopper

How to use the vacuum pump:

Step 1. Attach the pump to the valve of the vacuum packaging bags, to the lids of the vacuum food containers or to the vacuum stoppers.

Step 2. Press the ON/OFF button and, in a few seconds, the pump extracts the air from vacuum bags or food containers, made of glass and plastic. The light indicator flashes when the vacuum sealing process is in progress.

Step 3. The pump turns off automatically once the correct negative pressure is reached. In vacuum bags or food containers, food will stay fresh up to 5 times longer than in the case of conventional storage containers without vacuum. Once the emptying process is complete, the indicator stays on for 5 seconds.

Step 4. Because it takes up very little space, after use, you can store the vacuum pump in the cupboard or in the cutlery organizer.

Useful tips:

1. Before the first use, the vacuum pump must be fully charged. If the battery icon stays on, the charging process is completed. When it needs recharging, the battery icon will flash quickly.

2. It is important that the valve of the vacuum food containers or bags should always be clean and dry. The food inside the food containers must not come into contact with the inner surface of the lid; otherwise, the liquid might be sucked into the pump.

3. When using the bags for soup, sauces or other liquids, it is recommended that they be slightly frozen first before vacuum. Keep the vacuum bags in the refrigerator for 30 minutes in advance.

Characteristics and advantages:

- The pump extracts the air in a few seconds by simply pressing a button and turns off automatically after the correct negative pressure has been reached;
- Easy cable-free handling;
- Noise-free;
- Compact shape, easy to store;
- The battery does not need to be replaced because it is made of lithium-ion and it has a long service life;
- Charging via USB cable (included);

Technical specifications:

  • Battery: 3.7 V, Lithium-Ion, 1200 mA;
  • USB cable 2.0 type A, micro USB, length 0.3 m;
  • Output: 5 V, 1000 mA;
  • Diameter: 45 mm;
  • Height: 194.5 mm;
  • Material: ABS plastic, silicone
  • Weight: 0.23 kg.
Code 36801300
Brand Zwilling
Category Vacuum sealers
Range ZWILLING Fresh & Save
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