Tagine, ceramic, 27cm/2L, Charcoal - Emile Henry

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Product description

Tagine, diameter 27 cm, capacity 2 L, Flame® ceramic produced by Emile Henry.

This tagine dish is resistant to high temperatures and microwaves, it does not get chipped nor scratched easily – you can be cut directly on the tagine without fearing that the surface would be scratched.

The tagine dish can be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

Warranty: 10 years.

The FLAME® ceramic developed in the Emile Henry laboratories withstands temperatures up to 290°C and brings together all the benefits of the highest quality ceramic cookware that can be placed on flame: perfect cooking, respect for ingredients, tastes/flavours well-kept. The enamel used for finishing the dish protects it from scratches and chipping (you can cut directly into the cooking pot without the product being scratched) making it possible to wash it in the dishwasher. The Flame® cookware, being by 30% lighter than other metal cookware, can be used both on flame and in the oven, including microwave. They can be transferred from refrigerator or freezer, directly into the oven, without getting damaged and then on the table. They are durable, withstanding strong mechanical shocks and keep food warm for longer. 

The material does not contain harmful metals, being 100% food-safe; the tagine does not discolor over time, being available in a wide variety of long-lasting colours.

Code 952679
Brand Emile Henry
Category Specialty Cookware
Diameter (cm) 27
Capacity 2 L
Material Ceramic
Lid Yes
Induction no
Colour Charcoal
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