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Product description

Three things are enough to make fresh, healthy and delicious yoghurt: milk, dairy cultures and the yoghurt maker machine from Adler. This product allows you to prepare homemade yoghurt in an extremely simple way.

Once the components have been assembled, the rest of the process goes automatically, without any user intervention. The yoghurt is prepared in glass jars with a capacity of 200 ml each, making it easy to store the finished product inside the fridge. For optimal yoghurt production, the machine is heated and maintains a constant temperature of 42 °C.

Yoghurt is similar to buttermilk, which is produced from milk by the action of bacteria. The milk is enriched with bacteria cultures for yoghurt. The bacteria thrive in an environment with a temperature of 42 °C. Milk sugar (lactose) is converted into lactic acid. Then as a result, the milk curdles.


- Easy to use;
- Produces healthy homemade yoghurt at a low price;
- On/Off switch;
- 7 glass jars with screw cap (200 ml capacity);
- Transparent lid.

Technical specifications:

Power: 20W
Supply voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: ~50Hz

Code AD4476
Brand Adler
Category Dessert making appliances
Range Alder Home Appliances
Power 20 W
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews