BRITA Marella XL 3.5 L starter pack + 3 Maxtra PRO filters (white)

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Product description

Starter-pack for water filtration "Marella", produced by BRITA, composed of:

- transparent plastic carafe, total capacity 3.5 l, filtered water capacity 2 l;
- special plastic funnel for the filter, BPA-free (Bisphenol A);
- 3 filter cartridges, type MAXTRA PRO Pure Performance - each can filter approximately 150 l of tap water;
- plastic lid, with Memo type indicator for changing the filter cartridge.

Why BRITA filtering jugs?

These innovative filtering jugs are a practical, convenient, and ecological method to keep yourself hydrated at all times, without the need to constantly carry classic bottled water. Unlike environmentally unfriendly and slow-to-degrade plastic bottles, BRITA jugs are used in the long term, requiring only the simple replacement of filter cartridges.

With their help, you can enjoy the authentic taste of water, which, once filtered, will be much clearer, and impurities will be reduced.

In addition, the Marella filtering jug has a special design that allows it to be stored on the door of any refrigerator.

The carafe and funnel can be cleaned in the dishwasher, except for the lid, which should be cleaned manually.

Cartridge replacement indicator

The filtering jug Marella is equipped with a warning system for replacing the cartridge, Memo type, positioned on the lid. Easy to notice and set, this is an AUTOMATIC indicator.
How does it work? It monitors the water filtering process and displays the remaining operating time of the MAXTRA PRO cartridge. After inserting the MAXTRA PRO cartridge, press the START button for a few seconds until the 4 bars are displayed on the screen and alternately light up twice. Each bar represents one week out of the four in which the MAXTRA PRO cartridge can be used with maximum performance. At the end of each week of using the MAXTRA PRO filter cartridge, one bar will disappear from the display, indicating the remaining lifespan.

Filter cartridge replacement

For a consumption of 2 litres of water per day per person and to achieve optimal results every time, we recommend replacing the MAXTRA PRO cartridge every 4 weeks or 150 litres of filtered water. After the recommended period has expired, detach the lid of the filtering jug, carefully remove the funnel, and then, holding the cartridge on both sides, pull it upwards.
The new ergonomic shape of the MAXTRA PRO cartridges allows for easy removal and replacement.

MAXTRA PRO Technology

The jug is equipped with the BRITA MAXTRA PRO filter cartridge, an improved version of the previous MAXTRA variants.
The innovative "MicroFlow" filtration technology of the MAXTRA PRO cartridges used in BRITA filtering jugs ensures optimal results every time, and their performance is the result of 5 years of research in BRITA laboratories in Germany. The taste of tea and coffee, whether hot or cold, will be noticeably improved once the water used for them has been filtered with MAXTRA PRO. By using filtered water, limescale will no longer deposit on appliances, extending their life.

MAXTRA PRO offers an economical and environmentally friendly alternative for tap water consumption, as the cartridges are 100% recyclable.

Compared to previous versions of BRITA cartridges, MAXTRA PRO has a final filter that is 4 times more efficient than the MAXTRA+ filter, ensuring a thorough purification. Tap water will first pass through a super-fine filter for initial purification, retaining coarse particles from old pipes, and finally, it will be filtered again through an additional high-performance filter.

The "Micro Carbon" activated carbon particle formula more efficiently and rapidly removes impurities that affect the taste and odour of water. At the same time, the strongly ion-exchanging pearls reduce the level of limescale and metals such as copper and lead. The outstanding performance of BRITA jugs and the impeccable taste of filtered water are primarily due to these particles.

Activated carbon, obtained from coconut shell, present in a compact form, can more efficiently filter a larger amount of water. The micro-pores of the carbon particles capture unwanted substances, even in the fight against pesticides.

*BRITA filters are designed to be used only for filtering tap water (note: if water is regularly checked and declared potable) or for filtering water from private suppliers that has been declared potable.

Evidence of the effectiveness of MAXTRA PRO cartridges?

The entire filtration process, as well as the quality of BRITA products, are tested in both their own laboratories and by organizations such as the renowned TÜV SÜD, which has certified that BRITA products comply with European standards in the food industry.

The use of MAXTRA cartridges is recommended even by the British Tea Academy, proving that the flavour of tea and coffee prepared with water filtered with MAXTRA is intensified.

How does the water purification process actually work?

Simple! Through a relatively fast but not superficial process, with the help of the four basic components of the MAXTRA PRO cartridge.

1. The first filter stops the entry of impurities;
2. The "Micro Carbon" particles resulting from coconut remove chlorine and other organic substances that can affect the taste and odour of the drink;
3. Ion-exchange resin retains metals and reduces limescale deposits.
4. For a final filtration, water passes through a final filter that retains even the finest unwanted particles, being 4 times more efficient compared to MAXTRA+.
5. The water is ready to be drunk!

Code BR1052782
Brand Brita
Category BRITA jugs and water filters
Range Marella
Capacity 3.5 L
Material Plastic
Colour White
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