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Product description

With this electric milk frother, produced by Zokura, you can prepare in no time cappuccino, macchiato, cafe au lait or flat white. This is an electric frothing appliance with a power of 450 W and frothing capacity of 100 ml.

The frothing appliance is suitable not only for frothing milk (100 ml) but also for heating milk. Up to 200 ml of milk can be heated. The appliance is also fitted with protection against dry boiling. The appliance switches off automatically when the milk is warm enough to prevent dry boiling.

Given that only the base is wired and the stainless steel body is cordless, the appliance can rotate 360° and you can place it in any position on the base. The device has a graded scale on the inside indicating the maximum volume.


  • The 450 W power allows for milk frothing within seconds;
  • The appliance can be used for frothing, heating and frothing or just heating milk;
  • Capacity of container: 0.5 L;
  • Maximum amount of milk to be frothed: 100 ml;
  • Maximum amount of milk to be heated: 200 ml;
  • The main body is detachable, with plastic coating;
  • Magnetic drive mixing system attached to the lid;
  • Temperature control with NTC probe and protection against overheating;
  • Temperature of heated milk: 55°C-75°C.
Code Z1248
Brand Zokura
Category Electric coffee makers and espresso machines
Range Zokura home appliances
Power 450 W
Capacity 0.5 L
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