Hand blender MK7000X, 1000W, "MultiQuick 7," Black - Braun

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Product description

Braun MK7000X hand blender, 1000 W, 0.6 l graded container, variable speed, Black

The new Braun MultiQuick 7 hand blender is designed to help you prepare healthy meals for your family and friends – quickly and easily. This blender is now equipped with the world's first ACTIVEBlade technology. This innovative and flexible spindle gives you 250% more active cutting surface that you can use* – a useful aid in the kitchen, to quickly complete any activity. The blender is also equipped with the new Easy SmartSpeed ​​technology which provides you with absolute control with a simple touch. Apply pressure to the control button to adjust the power intuitively and without interruption. *Compared to Braun hand blenders that are not equipped with an ACTIVEBlade shaft.

ActiveBlade technology
Effortlessly chop walnuts, ginger or other ingredients that are difficult to grind, thanks to the unique Braun ActiveBlade system, which moves up and down. The innovative shaft offers you a 250% more active cutting surface.* (*Compared to Braun vertical mixers that are not equipped with an ActiveBlade shaft)

POWERBell Plus technology
PowerBell Plus is provided with an additional blade for shredding, which ensures more cuts in one rotation, mixing large pieces and ingredients with a strong consistency more easily.

Simple SmartSpeed ​​technology
The harder you squeeze, the more power you get. Effortless one-handed operation, changes speed settings seamlessly.

German technology

Quality, reliability and durability, ensured by the German engineering.

Powerful 1000W engine

Preparing a wide range of dishes is much faster and easier thanks to the powerful 1000 W engine, which help you get the desired results in a few seconds.

Easy SmartSpeed ​​system - Intelligent speed control

By simply pressing a button, the speed will be adjusted in a second. The Easy SmartSpeed ​​system is designed to be used easily, with one hand, without interrupting the mixing process while adjusting the speeds.

Active Blade technology

The blades integrated in the first ActiveBlade technology move from top to bottom, to shred even the hardest foods, with 40% * less effort and covering up to 250% more cutting surface*. *Compared to Braun blenders that are not equipped with ActiveBlade technology.

Powerbell Plus technology

The vertical blender features the Powerbell Plus system, similar to a bell, specially designed with an extra shredding blade, for a more efficient shredding process per rotation. It mixes and mixes the dishes in just a few seconds.

SPLASH Control technology

Enjoy wonderful results without dirtying your kitchen, thanks to the Splash Control technology and the innovative features of the blender that avoids splashing. The bell-shaped mixing shaft and the unique position of the blades are the strong point of every Braun blender.

EasyClick Plus system

The new EasyClick Plus system offers versatility during the preparation of culinary delights. You can attach the blender accessories much faster, thanks to the easy-to-use buttons and the intuitive design.

Plastic cup 600 ml without BPA

The blender has included in the package a BPA-free plastic glass, graduated, with a capacity of 600 ml , in which you can effectively puree the food, obtaining soups, purees and many other delicious preparations. It is graduated with markings expressed in ml, fl and oz.

Dishwasher compatible components

The maintenance and cleaning processes are essential to the use of the blender. Thus, you can insert its component parts into the dishwasher, according to the instructions presented in the user manual.

Code RO0X22111282
Brand Braun
Category Hand blenders
Range Braun hand blenders
Power 1000 W
Colour Black


Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews