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Product description

Manual espresso machine De'Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155.MB, capacity 1.5 l, power 1400 W, pressure 15 bar.

State-of-art coffee brewing technology is incorporated in a contemporary design inspired by professional espresso machines and perfectly illustrates the mastery of a barista.


La Specialista Arte it is equipped with 2 filters for different quantities of coffee powder.

The filter for 1 cup allows up to 12g of coffee powder and is suitable for one espresso or one cup of coffee.

The filter for 2 cups allows up to 20g of coffee powder and is suitable for two cups of coffee, one strong-flavoured double coffee or for using slightly roasted coffee beans.

Set the right coffee dose by rotating the dosing selector in steps, starting from minimum amount, until you have reached the mark indicated inside the filter. Both filters are single-walled, just like those used by a professional barista in cafes. If you are coffee enthusiast, these are the preferred option, because they allow greater control on extraction, and the result consists of a full beverage that captures all the flavors of the coffee beans.


Active Temperature Control technology maintains the water temperature throughout the entire coffee brewing process, to guarantee optimal extraction and ideal result in the cup.

Each type of coffee needs a dedicated temperature to extract the best flavors. The 3 temperatures made available by "La Specialista Arte" allow choosing the ideal temperature of the water used in the infusing process, depending on the coffee beans chosen. The selected temperature remains stable during the coffee brewing process for optimal extraction.

The 3 temperature settings correspond to the intervals 92° / 94° / 96°C. These are water temperatures inside the Thermoblock and are different from the temperature of the beverage in the cup or from the temperature measured when the beverage flows from filter holder.


Preinfusion is dynamic because the duration of this procedure is adapted to the density of the coffee dose, to ensure that the entire surface is moist and even. This contributes to achieving a perfect extraction, every time.


At Specialista Arte, it allows you to prepare your favorite drinks in glasses and cups with a height of up to 12 cm.

The appliance is also equipped with a foldable holder for small, up to 8 cm high cups and espresso glasses. This allows for the release of coffee to be closer to the cup, and the cream of the coffee-based beverages to be dense.


La Specialista Arte offers 3 preset and automatically prepared recipes: Espresso, Long Black or Hot Water.

Enjoy a long, short or double espresso, long flavored coffee or the convenience of hot water, with the cup holder that adjusts to the height of any cup that suits your beverage.

My LatteArt

You can use the "My LatteArt" steam dispenser to prepare a perfect cappuccino. Optimum milk frothing is fundamental and it is not necessarily an easy task. Texture and temperature are the two elements that, when combined, play an essential role in obtaining the desired result.

The steam dispenser is made of an inner plastic tube coated by an outer metal tube, being connected by a valve to the heating system: steam is activated by opening the internal valve with a dedicated button. Due to the inner plastic tube, the steam dispenser is cold to the touch, there is no risk that the metal exterior will reach high temperatures.


The espresso machine is fitted with automatic decalcification process and it is recommended to use exclusively the De'Longhi EcoDecalk descaler solution. The EcoDecalk descaler is powerful, fast, environmentally friendly and contains only natural ingredients.

For decalcification, add 100 ml of EcoDecalk descaler into the water tank, complete with fresh cold water and follow the simple instructions indicated by the espresso machine. The De'Longhi water filter protects the espresso machine from the formation of limestone deposits and helps remove impurities from water, thus, improving the coffee taste. Under normal conditions of use, the filter can be used for 2 months, then, it should be replaced with a new filter, reducing, thus, the frequency in espresso machine's decalcification.


Power: 1400 W;
Voltage: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz;
Pump pressure: 15 bar;
Coffee bean container capacity: 350 g;
Water container capacity: 1.5 l;
Maximum cup height: 120 mm;
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 275 x 365 x 400 mm (including coffee bean container);
Weight: 9.8 kg


Mug for frothing milk, capacity 300 ml
Descaler 100ml
Filter holder with 2 filters (max. 12g and max. 20g)
Coffee tamper with holder
Cleaning brush

Code 0132126043
Brand DeLonghi
Category Electric coffee makers and espresso machines
Range Espresso machines - De'Longhi
Capacity 1.5 L
Power 1400 W
Colour Silver
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