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Product description

Coffee can overcome the status of simple drink and become a delicious experience, especially if its preparation is turned into art.

To back this idea, KitchenAid designed and manufactured an elegant appliance that harmoniously combines the traditional and manual coffee brewing method with the automatic and technical method, using all the innovations from the art of coffee brewing.


29-hole spiral shower head

The excellent coffee taste is guaranteed by the unique design that facilitates water dripping through the 29-orifice shower head, thus, managing to saturate ground coffee equally and prepare an exceptional coffee.

1.7 l carafe with unique pour spout design

With water tank located at the top, the coffee maker can brew up to 12 cups of coffee;


Removable water tank

With wide opening and dosage chart.

2 options for automatic coffee brewing settings

2 different coffee brewing time settings: time settings for work days and other time settings for your days off.


Coffee intensity selector

As you prefer, the coffee maker can brew for you a medium-weak coffee or a strong black coffee at the simple push of a button tasked with adjusting the coffee intensity.

Reusable permanent filter

Gold-tone filter with dosage scale, designed to last, easy to use and to clean, which replaces the conical paper filter. The filter can be safely cleaned in dishwasher (in the top compartment). Never use both filters together as this can cause water and coffee to overflow into holder.


Programmable warming plate

The holding plate underneath the glass container warms up and transfers heat to keep the coffee hot for up to 40 minutes.

Programmability, intuitive programming and LCD display

The innovation of the programmable KitchenAid coffee maker (up to 24h) consists in the fact that hot water is poured easily, with rain effect over the ground coffee that absorbs it and, then, they continue together their way to the cup, with all the properties of the ground coffee extracted and potentiated to the maximum.


Pause and pour

The "Pause & Pour" option allows you to serve coffee before the end of the coffee brewing process - just lift the graded mug and serve coffee. Put the mug back on holder within a 25 second timeframe and the coffee brewing process will be resumed.


Power: 1100 W;
1.7 L mug made of heat-resistant glass;
Permanent filter;
Automatic shutdown;
Programmable timer for automatic start;
Sound alert at the end of coffee brewing process / maximum filling;
'Pause' function for pouring coffee into cup withing a 25-second timeframe;
Programmable to start up to 24 hours in advance;
'Keep Warm' function: 0-40 min;
Sound alert at the end of the coffee brewing cycle;
Power cord length: 82 cm;
Casing material: ABS plastic;
Weight: 3.3 Kg;
Code 5KCM1209EER
Brand KitchenAid
Category Electric coffee makers and espresso machines
Range KitchenAid coffee makers
Capacity 1.7 L
Power 1100 W
Warranty 2 years
Colour Empire Red
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