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Product description

A coffee for every moment of the day with Dinamica Plus. Choose from 24 beverages available with a single touch via the 3.5" full-colour touchscreen. The espresso machine is equipped with the exclusive LatteCrema Hot technology to complement drinks with fine and rich milk foam, with the possibility of selecting from 3 foam textures: dense, creamy or light texture.

Enjoy the ultimate coffee experience in the comfort of your own home with the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM380.95.TB. The machine has 4 new drink recipes: Verlängerter, Café Con Leche, Café Au Lait and Galao.

The Dinamica Plus espresso machine includes 2 milk jugs with self-cleaning function. To guarantee impeccable hygiene, the carafe have an integrated cleaning system: activate the function after preparing the milk and all components that have come into contact with the milk will be cleaned with hot water and steam.


Enjoy rich milk foam prepared automatically, at the right temperature for delicious results in every cup. After each use, activate the automatic cleaning function with a single touch.


Enjoy a smart and intuitive coffee brewing experience with Dinamica Plus, thanks to the 3.5" full colour touch screen with touch icons.


You can choose from the 24 coffee recipes available. From Espresso to Cappuccino or the new Café Au Lait, every taste is welcome.


The espresso machine grinds the coffee beans just before brewing so that you can enjoy quality coffee in every cup.To achieve a tasty coffee, the Dinamica Plus has a built-in grinder with 13 grinding settings to guarantee that the coffee powder is ground as finely and evenly as possible and to extract the best flavour.

The stainless steel conical grinder is calibrated with 100% precision and tested to guarantee the perfect powder and the extraction of the best flavour from the coffee beans. The grinding level can be easily adjusted manually, depending on personal taste and the type of coffee chosen. The capacity of the grain tank is 300 g.


The perfect drink is the one that perfectly suits your taste and is prepared the way you want.

With the help of the "MY" function, you access the special menu of recipes that can be easily customized and saved to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, every time: change the intensity of the flavour — select the amount of coffee — select the amount of milk.


Decalcification, performed whenever requested by the espresso machine, is essential. The espresso machine has an automatic descaling process and it is recommended to use only DeLonghi EcoDecalk descaler. EcoDecalk Descaling is powerful, fast, environmentally friendly and contains only natural ingredients.

For the descaling process, add 100 ml of EcoDecalk solution to the water tank, top up with cold, fresh water and follow the simple instructions indicated by the espresso machine. The DeLonghi water filter protects the espresso machine from the formation of limescale deposits and helps to remove impurities from the water, improving the taste of the coffee.

Under normal conditions of use it can be used for 2 months, then it is necessary to replace it with a new filter, thus reducing the frequency of descaling the espresso machine.


Power: 1450 W;
Voltage: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz;
Pump pressure: 15 bar;
Bean container capacity: 300 g;
Water container capacity: 1.8 l;
Container capacity: 14 single coffees;
Maximum cup height: 135 mm;
Weight: 9.5 kg;
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 236 x 429 x 349 mm;


2 milk jugs (350 ml)
Water filter and test strip for water hardness
Measure for pre-ground coffee
Cleaning brush
Water spout

Code RO0132215486
Brand DeLonghi
Category Cafetiere și espressoare electrice
Gama Espressoare DeLonghi
Putere 1450 W
Culoare Titanium Black
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