Batard loaf baking pan, ceramic, 39x16.5 cm/4.5L, Poppy Red Limited Edition - Emile Henry

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Product description

Batard loaf baking pan - dimensions 39 x 16.5 x 15 cm, capacity 4.5 l, made of HR® ceramic, Emile Henry brand

Kitchens have changed a lot over the years, but the ceramic material, given its refractory properties, is still used for baking. That is why, Emile Henry has developed this special bread baking pan, which offers results very similar to those obtained in traditional ovens.

The Batard bread has a special shape that places it between a baguette and a boule (traditional round bread). Created by a French baker in the 19th century, it was named "Batard" (meaning bastard) for its atypical form and was appreciated from the very beginning. It is easier to bake and slice than a large round bread and is more suitable for sandwiches than a baguette.

The dimensions allow you to prepare a loaf of bread with length of 30 cm, width of 9-10 cm and height between 6-8 cm, depending on how much flour you use (350-500 g).

The lower part of the loaf baking pan is enamelled on the inside and has grooves so that the bread bakes very well and does not stick to the pan. The loaf baking pan is fitted with handles and the lid has handles, as well, for easier handling.

The lid is enamel-coated only on the outside for aesthetic purpose. On the inside, the lid is not enamelled so as to allow for even baking and to provide constant moisture, resulting in a loaf with a soft interior and crispy crust.

The HR® (High Resistance) ceramic developed in the Emile Henry laboratories withstands temperatures ranging from -20°C to +270°C and diffuses heat evenly across the entire surface of the baking pan. The enamel used for finishing protects the product from scratches and chipping (you can cut directly into the baking pan without leaving scratch marks) making it safe for dishwasher.

The two components of the loaf baking pan are designed so as to be stackable into one another.

Characteristics and dimensions:

Microwave oven-safe;
Freezer-safe and oven-safe (from -20°C to +270°C);
Warranty: 10 years;
Length: 39 cm;
Width: 16.5 cm;
Height: 15 cm;
Inner length: 33.5 cm;
Inner width: 13 cm;
Inner height: 14 cm;
Maximum capacity: 4.5 L;
Usable capacity: 2.3 L.

Code 550315
Brand Emile Henry
Category For bread and sponge cake
Range Specialised tools
Dimensions (cm) 39
Capacity 4.5 L
Material Ceramic
Lid Yes
Colour Poppy Red


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