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Product description

Filter compatible with the On Tap V water filtration system produced by Brita.

The superior filtration technology eliminates up to 99.99% of heavy metals, chlorine, microplastic particles, pharmaceutical residues, as well as pesticides and herbicides.

Filtering Features

- Filters tap water in 4 stages – for a fresher and more natural taste.

- Reduces impurities while retaining minerals (calcium, magnesium)!

1. Extra-fine fleece filter: retains coarse particles mobilized from old pipes (rust, sediment).

2. Ion-exchange fibres: reduce heavy metals, such as lead.

3. Activated carbon filter from coconut shells: retains substances that alter the taste and smell of water (such as chlorine, as well as herbicides, pesticides, and some pharmaceutical residues present in tap water).

4. High-performance supplementary filter: retains small particles (> 60 µm), such as microplastics.

You can thus enjoy the authentic taste of water which, once filtered, will be much clearer, and impurities will be reduced by 99.99%.

The filter capacity is 600 litres, and for better performance, it is recommended to replace the filter every 3-4 months. The filter is designed to filter cold water.

* The On Tap V filter is designed to be used only for filtering tap water (note: if water is regularly checked and declared potable) or for filtering water from private suppliers that has been declared potable.

Changing the filter is a simple operation and is done by removing the cap located on the right side of the filtration system.

The On Tap V filter is compatible with both the new Brita water filtration systems: On Tap Pro V-MF and On Tap V, as well as with the old BRITA On Tap water filtration system code BR1037405.

Code BR1052388
Brand Brita
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