BRITA Fill&Go Vital 600 ml filter water bottle

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Product description

Brita water filtering bottle, Fill&Go Vital model, 600 ml.

Brita took everything into account when invented the Fill&Go Vital filter bottle for water!

As the name suggests (Fill&Go - "fill&leave"), the bottle allows you to hydrate optimally with clean and fresh water at any time, taking it with you wherever you go (travelling, walking, jogging, etc.).

The filtering principle of this bottle is the same as that of the Brita filter mugs, as well as the benefits, with an additional advantage: the mobility. (In the case of the Fill&Go bottle, water is filtered through the disc when you drink it, and in the case of the Brita filter mug, water passes through the filter and reaches the carafe, filtered.)

In other words, Brita's advanced filtration technology is involved, so you have the freedom to take the bottle with you anywhere and anytime: refill it with drinking water (tap water, for example) that you drink freshly filtered.

By means of Brita filter discs, specially designed and adapted for Fill&Go filter bottle, the tap water reaches its best state: no taste and smell of chlorine, no impurities, no limescale and heavy metals (copper, lead) in excess.

Durable and lightweight at the same time, Fill&Go Vital bottle is made of high quality BPA-free plastic and has been certified to meet food safety standards by the Institute for Technical Inspections in Germany. This bottle has a dual function: to filter and store drinking tap water. 

Being very practical, this bottle has a capacity of 600 ml, a height of 22 cm and a diameter of 7.2 cm, easily finding its place in the bag, schoolbag, etc., but also in the standard spaces designed for container storage (in the car, for example).

Moreover, the product is the economical hydration solution, needing to change the filter disc only once a month or after 150 L filtered (the bottle is reusable) and you apply an ecological approach, at the same time, by protecting environment from PET containers that degrade very slowly. 

The bottles are also a chic accessory thanks to the design, but also to the fact that they are available in several colors (purple, blue, pink and green) and can be easily differentiated by each member of the family.

The product can also be cleaned in the dishwasher (at a maximum temperature of 50°C).

A free filter disc that will filter the first 150L of water is included in the package.

*BRITA filters are designed to be used only for filtering tap water (note: if water is checked regularly and was declared potable) or for filtering water that comes from private suppliers and was declared potable.

Code BR1020102
Brand Brita
Category BRITA jugs and water filters
Range Fill&Go
Capacity 0.6 L
Material Plastic
Colour Pink
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