Perforated baking tray, aluminum, 37 x 33 cm, GN 2/3 - AMT Gastroguss

Code: 3733BBL1

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Product description

Baking tray, GN 2/3, with non-stick coating, dimensions 37 x 33 cm, thickness 2 mm, made of aluminum, PFOA-free, product made in Germany, AMT Gastroguss brand

This baking tray has perforations so that the distribution of hot air in the oven can be as fast and even as possible. Given that the tray heats up very quickly, it saves up to 20% energy, and the foods will have a crunchy consistency and golden crust.

This baking tray withstands temperatures up to 240°C and is not suitable for induction.

All the AMT Gastroguss products are made from hand-cast aluminium by skilled craftsmen. The advantages of hand-cast aluminium include: longer curing time, which prevents the stress of the material, homogeneous casting and the development of a lower number of air bubbles in the material than in the case of mechanized casting.

The aluminium that underlies Gastroguss products is first sandblasted, for the 12-fold increase of the adhesion surface of the layers to be applied on it.

Thickness: 0.2 cm
Surface type: perforated.

Code 3733BBL1
Brand AMT Gastroguss
Category Pastry trays and molds
Range AMT oven trays
Dimensions (cm) 37
Material Aluminum
Induction no
Non-stick layer Yes
GN standard GN 2/3
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews