Tilt-head mixer, 4.8L, Model 125, with slicer attachment, Empire Red - KitchenAid


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Product description

The first KitchenAid mixer rolled out in North American kitchens in 1919. Since then, the continuous process of improvement and innovation has led to the development of the Artisan® range and of the same-name functional mixer. The unique design, robust metal construction and functions typical of a professional appliance turn this planetary mixer into an indispensable and perfectly integrated element in any kitchen, ready at any time to perform the most difficult tasks.

Created to last over time

Designed to offer superior performance and great resistance over time, the Artisan® multifunctional mixer is the quietest appliance in its category, perfect for those who want high motor power, increased mixing capacity and great creative freedom, through dozens of available accessories.

Efficiency up to 16% higher than in similar models

The stand mixer is made of the most durable materials and can tackle any recipe you want to prepare. The Direct Drive system of the motor amazes with a higher efficiency of up to 16% compared to similar models, transmiting increased power to the rotating shaft, with significantly lower energy consumption.

Patented system for accessory attachment

The KitchenAid-patented optional accessory attachment frontal system has been used since the first mixer was built in 1919. Thus, you can use the accessories regardless of the year of manufacture or the model of the appliance. You can enjoy the newest accessories, even with the mixer bought many years ago and you can enjoy the versatility and efficiency built-up thanks to the 100-year experience in the field.

Elegant design, vibrant colors

Elegant, easy to use, easy to clean. Spend more time with baking and cooking than browsing the user manual. With a smooth and round design, with tilted head, available in different colors, you will find the perfect mixer for you.

A true helper in the kitchen

Nothing is too difficult for the Artisan® mixer - you can mix different types of dough (soft, medium and tough), chop and prepare meat, vegetables and fruits, you can roll and cut pasta, prepare smoothies, natural juices and even ice cream. Everything is done by simply attaching one of the accessories.

Adapted to your needs

A wide range of optional accessories will transform the Artisan® stand mixer. You simply attach them to the mixer through the unique attachment hub and you are ready to prepare the meal. With these accessories, you can do everything with the effortless perfection given by the 100-year experience.


The dough hook is perfect for kneading all types of dough. Use it to make pasta, pizza and bread.


Use the "pear"-shaped whisk when you need to incorporate air into your mixes.


The flat beater is intended for denser mixtures and provides the right consistency for all preparations, from mashed potatoes to frosting.


This amazing kitchen mixer can prepare from the smallest quantities to the largest ones, thanks to the planetary action of the paddles inside the bowl. Low effort is combined with high quality results.


Thanks to the original planetary action of our stand mixer, it is very easy to add ingredients. This mixer can process everything, from sticky mixes to compact doughs.


Create all the recipes that you've always wanted to make. The accessories are perfect to modify and adapt your mixer. The mixer has a 5-year warranty, and the included accessories have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Mixer accessories

Bowl 4.8 l, made of stainless steel

Aluminum flat beater, with non-stick coating

6-wire whisk, made of stainless steel

Dough hook, made of aluminum, with non-stick coating

Slicing accessory

Slicer body

2-in-1 pusher

Coarse grater

Medium grater

Slicing accessory

Storage box


Power: 300 W;
Maximum rotation speed: 220/min;
Minimum rotation speed: 58/min;
Bowl capacity: 4.8L;
Type of speed control: electronic hybrid;
Weight: 10.4 Kg;
Dimensions height x length x width: 36 x 24 x 37 cm;
Power cord length: 145 cm.


Bowl, capacity 4.8L, made of stainless steel, with ergonomic handle;
Whisk, 6 wires, made of stainless steel, with aluminum clamping loop;
Aluminum flat beater with nylon non-stick coating;
Aluminum dough hook with nylon non-stick coating;


Flour: 1 Kg;
Flour for pie crust: 500 g;
Eggs: 12 medium eggs;
Whipped cream: 1 L;
Cake batter: 2.7 Kg;
Bread dough: 2 Kg;
Mashed potatoes: 3.2 Kg;
Cookie dough (5 cm): for 108 pieces;
The dough gets done in about 4 minutes.

The tilt-head standmixer has 5-year warranty, and the slicing accessory 2 years.

Brand KitchenAid
Category Stand mixers
Range Model 125
Capacity 4.8 L
Power 300 W
Warranty 5 years
Colour Empire Red
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews