BRITA Marella XL water filtering jug, 3.5 L, Maxtra+ filter (grey)

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Product description

BRITA Marella XL water filter jug composed of:

- transparent plastic jug, total capacity of 3.5 l, filtered water capacity of 2 l;
- special funnel for filter, made of plastic free of BPA (Bisphenol A);
- filter cartridge, MAXTRA+ type which can be used to filter water for 4 weeks or about 150 l;
- plastic cover which includes the Memo type indicator for filter cartridge replacement.

Why use BRITA filter jugs?

These innovative filter jugs are a practical, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to keep you permanently hydrated without having to constantly carry conventional water bottles. Unlike non-environmentally friendly plastic bottles, which need a long time to degrade, BRITA jugs are used on a long term, requiring only a simple replacement of the filter cartridges.

With their help, you can enjoy the authentic taste of water which, once filtered, will be much clearer and the impurities will be reduced.

Thanks to the compact size and shape, the filter jugs are perfect for storage on the refrigerator shelf, and thanks to the elegant design they will look impeccable once placed on the table.

The jug and funnel can be washed in the dishwasher except for the cover which shall be cleaned manually.

Cartridge replacement indicator

The Marella filter jug is provided with a warning system for changing the Memo type cartridge, placed on the cover. This indicator easy to watch and set is an AUTOMATIC one. 
How does it work? The indicator monitors water filtration process and displays the remaining operating time of the MAXTRA+ cartridge. After inserting the MAXTRA+ cartridge, press and hold the START button for a few seconds, until the 4 lines are displayed on the screen and will flash alternately twice. Each line represents one of the four weeks in which the MAXTRA+ cartridge can be used with maximum performance. During the use of the MAXTRA+ filter cartridge every week, one line will disappear from the display, indicating the remaining service life.

MAXTRA+ filter cartridge replacement

For a consumption of 2 l of water per day per person and to obtain optimal results every time, we recommend replacing the MAXTRA+ cartridge every 4 weeks or when 150 l of water were filtered. After the recommended time has elapsed, remove the jug lid, carefully remove the funnel and then holding firmly the cartridge, pull it out.  
The new ergonomic shape of MAXTRA+ cartridges allows them to be easily removed and replaced.

MAXTRA+ technology

BRITA MAXTRA+ filter cartridges are an improved version of the original MAXTRA version.
The innovative "MicroFlow" filtration technology of MAXTRA+ cartridges with which BRITA filter jugs are provided, always ensures optimal results, their performance being the result of 5 years of research in BRITA laboratories in Germany. The taste of tea and coffee, whether hot or cold, will be visibly improved once the water used for them has been filtered with MAXTRA+. Using filtered water, limescale will no longer build up on the appliances and their service life will be prolonged.

MAXTRA+ provides an economical alternative and not at all harmful for environment, to drinking water consumption, the cartridges being 100% recyclable.

MicroFlow technology generated by the coconut shell

  • Ion change substances
  • Activated carbon micro-granules

Brita Ultra Mesh

Finer sieve to prevent impurities from entering in the filter

Brita carbon micro-granules

Round carbon micro-granules to reduce the impairing taste and odor substances 

Brita ion change micro-granules

Synthetic resins acting as ion change granules to reduce limescale built up  

BRITA Final sieve

Finer final sieve to retain the smallest unwanted particles

Compared to previous versions of BRITA cartridges, MAXTRA+ is provided with a 25% finer and more efficient filter screen and a 30% larger total filter area; tap water will be strained through a larger sieve in the first stage for the first purification, first retaining the coarse particles, and at the end it will be filtered again, passing through a much finer sieve.

The new formula of "Micro Carbon" activated carbon particles, smaller and rounder than those used before, more efficiently and faster removes organic impurities that impair taste and odor. At the same time, ion exchange resin reduces the level of limescale and metals such as copper and lead. The high-performance results of BRITA mugs and the impeccable taste of the filtered water are mainly due to these particles.

The actived carbon, obtained from coconut shell, now even more compact than in previous versions of filter cartridges, can filter even more efficiently a larger quantity of water. The micro-pores of the carbon particles collect the undesired substances, even pesticides.

*The BRITA filters were designed to filter tap water (note: provided the water is tested regularly and has been declared potable) or to filter water sourced from private suppliers and which has been declared potable.

Proof of MAXTRA+ cartridge efficiency?

The entire filtration process and the quality of BRITA products are tested both in own laboratories and by organizations such as the renowned TÜV SÜD, which certified that the BRITA products meet the European standards in the food industry.

The use of MAXTRA+ cartridges is recommended even by the British Tea Academy, as it is a proven fact that the aroma of tea and coffee is enhanced when brewed in the water filtered with MAXTRA+.

How does the water purification process actually take place?

Simple! Through a relatively fast process, yet not at all superficial, with the help of the 4 basic components of the MAXTRA+ cartridge

1. The first sieve stops the penetration of impurities;
2. "Micro Carbon" particles from coconut eliminate chlorine and other organic substances that can affect the taste and smell of the drink;
3. Ion exchange resin retains metals and reduces limescale deposits.
4. For a final filtration, the water passes through a sieve that retains even the finest unwanted particles.
5 The water is ready to be consumed!

Code BR1040412
Brand Brita
Category Utensils for preparing and serving drinks
Range Marella
Capacity 3.5 L
Colour Grey
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