Set of 2 BRITA Maxtra PRO Hard Water Expert filters

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Product description

Set of 2 MAXTRA PRO Hard Water Expert filters, individual filtering capacity 150 L, produced by BRITA.

The filtering cartridge BRITA MAXTRA PRO Hard Water Expert can be used for special water filtration containers, brand BRITA. With its help, approximately 150 L of tap water can be filtered* (the quantity will depend on the water hardness level and its quality).

The MAXTRA PRO Hard Water Expert filter is 50% more efficient* in reducing limescale (*compared to the MAXTRA PRO Pure Performance filter).

Water filtered through the MAXTRA PRO Hard Water Expert filter will protect your appliances against limescale deposits and improve the taste of tea and coffee (suitable for hard water areas).

For a consumption of 2 L of water per person per day and for optimal results each time, we recommend replacing the MAXTRA PRO Hard Water Expert  cartridge every 4 weeks or at 150 L of filtered water. After the recommended period has expired, detach the lid of the filtering jug, carefully remove the funnel, then, holding the cartridge on both sides, pull it upwards.

The filter features a super-fine mesh that captures coarse particles from old water pipes, while carbon micro-granules from natural coconut shells reduce substances that affect the smell and taste of water, such as chlorine, providing freshly filtered water with a distinct taste.

Through the filtration technology with ion-exchange resins in the shape of pearls, the freshly filtered water protects appliances against limescale deposits, reduces metals such as lead and copper, and removes the finest particles**.

In the last stage, the water passes through an additional high-performance mesh filter, which has a particle retention 4 times better than the MAXTRA+ filter.

How does the water filtration process actually work?

Simple! Through a relatively fast process (in approx. 1 minute), but not superficial, thanks to the 4 basic components of the MAXTRA PRO cartridge.

1. Ultra Mesh sieve prevents the entry of impurities;
2. Particles of "Micro Carbon" generated from coconut shells eliminate chlorine and other organic substances that can affect the taste and odour of the beverage;
3. Ion-exchange resin retains metals and reduces limescale deposits.
4. Water is passed, for a final filtration, through a finer mesh that has a particle retention 4 times better than the MAXTRA+ filter.

*BRITA filters are designed to be used only for tap water filtration (note: if water is regularly checked and declared potable) or for filtration of water from private suppliers declared potable.

**≥ 30 μm

Code BR1051767
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