Set of 4 BRITA Maxtra PRO Hard Water Expert filters

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Set of 4 MAXTRA PRO Hard Water Expert filters, individual filtering capacity 150 l, BRITA brand

The BRITA MAXTRA PRO Hard Water Expert filter cartridge can be used with all existing BRITA filter jugs as well as the Flow dispenser.

One MAXTRA PRO cartridge filters about 150 l of tap water* (the amount will depend on water hardness level as well as its quality).

The MAXTRA PRO Hard Water Expert filter reduces limescale 50% more effectively than the MAXRA PRO Pure Performance filter. Ideal for regions with hard and very hard water.

Less limescale: 
protects your kettle and coffee maker against limescale deposits and thus prolongs the lifespan of your household appliances.

Less chlorine in water: 
enjoy great tasting water and full-flavoured coffee and tea.

Less metals: 
reduces lead, copper and other substances that affect the taste of water.

made in Germany from 50% bioplastic material from renewable sources, certified by the globally renowned ISCC PLUS label.

For a consumption of 2 l of water per person per day and to achieve optimal results every time, we recommend replacing the MAXTRA PRO Hard Water Expert cartridge every 4 weeks or every 150 l of filtered water. After the recommended period has expired, detach the lid of the filtering jug, carefully remove the funnel, then, holding the cartridge on both sides, pull it upwards.

How does water filtering process actually work?

In a simple way! Through a relatively rapid process (in approximately 1 minute), but not superficial at all, thanks to the four basic components of the MAXTRA PRO cartridge.

  1.  The first sieve prevents coarse particles from entering the cartridge; 
  2. Carbon micro-granules resulting from coconut reduce chlorine and other organic substances that can affect taste and smell of the drink;
  3. The ion-exchange resin retains metals such as copper and lead and reduces limescale deposits.
  4. For a final filtration, water passes through a final sieve that retains even the finest unwanted particles, being 4 times more efficient than MAXTRA+ and ideal for old piping systems.

Water is ready to be consumed.

All MAXTRA PRO cartridges are provided with Microflow filtration technology, the result of 5 reserach years in BRITA laboratories in Germany.

Recycling MAXTRA PRO filters

MAXTRA PRO is the economical and sustainable alternative to bottled water, the cartridges are 100% recyclable.

Proof of MAXTRA PRO cartridge efficiency

The entire filtration process, as well as the quality of BRITA products are tested both in their own laboratories and by organisations such as the famous TÜV SÜD, which  certified that BRITA products meet European food industry standards.

*BRITA filters were designed to be used only for filtering tap water (note: if water is checked regularly and was declared drinkable) or for filtering water that comes from private suppliers and was declared drinkable.

Code BR1051771
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